Water Rates

Water Rates


Murcia WD Water Rates Increase effective October 2016

The approval of the proposed MWD water rates last March 25, 2008, by the Board of Trustees of LWUA, MWD shall implement the following rates:

                                                                                                                     Implementation Dates

                                                                                                    May 2008                                       January 2010

Minimum Charge                                                                           P150.00                                         P195.00

11-20 cu.m.                                                                                   16.85 per cu.m.                              21.90 per cu.m.

21-30 cu.m.                                                                                   18.50 per cu.m.                              24.05 per cu.m.

31-40 cu.m.                                                                                   20.90 per cu.m.                              27.15 per cu.m.

41 cu.m. up                                                                                   22.95 per cu.m.                              29.80 per cu.m.

The proposed water rates increase schedule for January 2010 was not implemented by MWD to accommodate the LGU’s request and to protect the consumers from burden due to the rising cost of other commodities.

The MWD losses its financial viability and need to improve its present facilities to address problems on low pressure and no water supply.

To improve the services of MWD, there is a need to implement the impending rate increase to finance the improvement projects in order to secure the water needs of Murcia.

The MWD Board of Director passed a resolution dated July 26, 2016 (Resolution No. 019-016, Series of 2016)  to implement the increase of the water rates on the 1st 10 cu.m. consumption from P150.00 to P195.00 to take effect on October 2016.

Please see the attached approved water rates:

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